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I hope this example works as background of what I am trying to achieve. The first question I have is how would you best say the time in German for it to work well on a system of this kind. I supposed Germans are used to the hour system, which is good. But how would you say the minutes best for both exact fractions of ours, and full hours in a natural way when automated. Lisa ist in einer Besprechung, und werden wieder um sechzehn Uhr. This is okay for informal contexts, between coworkers. Your time translations are actually completely right.

Where your algorithm lacks correctness is in the structure of the sentence:. Tim und Lisa sind in einer Besprechung und werden Luckily, in the will -future you don't have to adjust wiederkommen , what should help you programming it. The sound of these sentences is absolutely natural, although there obviously exist multiple possible variations. Also it has the nice property that you can section it in such a way that you never need to switch the order of the sections around. The two fixed sections stay exactly like they are no matter what the other sections say.

In the era of mobile communication that might not be true exactly. Alternatives with the same grammatcial properties:. Can be the formal or informal address, for one or more people, and any combination of those. Some examples that you can plug into that section as is:. One group is still singular.

You cannot leave it out when you have the date as well. And must omit it if you have the time only, i. You can:. Note the comma after the date. In speech a native speaker would make a very short pause at that point in the sentence. You can use this words only i.


Note, that there are also other time-formats in German language, but they are complicated and have great regional variations, so they are not recommended. In case shortness matters here is another alternative using 3 variables and an optional addendum:. On having default content we only need to care for few defined variables.

Defaults could e. Each variable can then be replaced by a more precise content. By choosing a different addendum we can easily adapt our system to various levels of formality:. Herr Weber ist bis Februar im Urlaub.

Practice Grammar of German - New Edition (English and German Edition)

On demand the time span can then be further adapted with more natural content whithout having to change the whole frame. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 1 year, 10 months ago. Active 1 year, 10 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Lisa ist in einer Besprechung, und werden wieder um sechzehn Uhr work?

Or what would be more natural sounding ways to say these sentences?

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Also, how would you say ? B …und ab ersten Februar, acht Uhr wieder erreichbar. D …und ab Morgen, acht Uhr wieder erreichbar. Do they appear reasonable from an automated spoken system? Empo Empo 43 6 6 bronze badges. You only want to create messages, where you talk about persons that are in a meeting from which they will return at a know time. Freundliches stillvolles 61 qm Appartement.

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5. Lauf EKM ( - Sprint CUP) - SODIWSERIES

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The flat is finished with antique and modern furnitures. Wooden flooring in all rooms except kitchen and bathroom. The flat is equipped with table- and kitchenware, towels and linen. Home 30 Minuten Besprechungen German Edition. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Max Schmeling You can stay focused on the conversation and rest assured that all information is captured. Pageviews Since May ; from Top Authors.

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