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  2. Is Happiness Genetic and if so, What Percent?
  3. Intentional happiness: 7 paths to lasting happiness
  4. Intentional Day of Happiness

Repeat daily affirmations. Positive affirmations are thoughts that are accompanied with affirmative beliefs.

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Repeating positive affirmations does help to keep us focused on the good and the happy. Find affirmations that work for you — believe in them, repeat them and live them.

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Count your blessings. Happiness by definition means focusing on the positive and not the negative.

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  4. Set your mind on the good things in life and if you need to, write them down. Having and showing gratitude is a hallmark of happiness, so count your blessings. Try not to complain. The thing about complaining is that it becomes infectious in a bad way. Complaining about every little thing is a recipe for negativity. Do at least one thing to improve yourself.

    Personal growth is vital to happiness. Eat right, take care of yourself.

    Is Happiness Genetic and if so, What Percent?

    Happy people tend to eat healthy and get regular exercise. Embrace love, reject hate. This might be the most important daily action you can take.

    1. Intentional Actions to Help You Choose Happiness!
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    3. Intentional happiness: 7 paths to lasting happiness?
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    8. Love purifies and makes us feel free. Love releases us from toxic anger and bitterness and it improves the lives of others. Always wake up each morning and make the important decision to love, give, help, support, uplift and inspire.

      Intentional happiness: 7 paths to lasting happiness

      Home About. Get Inspired! Here are 10 conscious actions you can choose each morning, which will help to stir the happiness to the surface of your life: 1. No, of course not. Happiness is a state that is always with us, but it cannot support us unless we unlock it through intention. Neither of these two activities is necessary for my well being per se the caloric content and nutrition values alone make them entirely optional but the circumstances under which I participate in those two activities will be entirely different and that is what I mean when I say happiness cannot support us unless we access it with intention.

      Me neither. When we are doing something with the intent to be happy it is something that provides a path to happiness now and in our future. Here is another example, logging in to your laptop at home to get on top of your working day rather than using that time to go for a walk or to the gym, etc.

      Intentional Day of Happiness

      A walk, on the other hand, provides a mental break from work, fresh air, change of scenery and pace. The physiological benefits of a walk will be with you for hours long after you are back at your desk and are cumulative if you choose to give yourself time for a walk each day.

      I work instead of going for walk even when I have time for a walk. Are you trading imitation happiness for the real thing?

      Getting Started with Intentional Planning - Happiness Planner, Gratitude Inserts & Freebies!

      It can affect your quality of life at home and at work. No one likes to feel under-the-gun, anxious, stressed, frustrated, upset or some other energy-sucking emotion. However, preparing a family meal with love even if it is humble mac and cheese and have everyone come to the table together will do far more for your happiness then squeezing off that last phone call at work.