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Working smarter, not harder
  1. How to Work Smarter Not Harder
  2. Kiss Your Long To-Do List Goodbye: 7 Ways You Can Start Working Smarter, Not Harder
  4. AI is here to make you work smarter, not harder | Prolific London

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  • 1. Improve Your Time Management Skills.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity;
  • 2. Measure your results, not your time.!

Not good! Leave that to someone else - most professionals are trying out the virtual assistant concept. It just might work for you too.

How to Work Smarter Not Harder

The app is a great option especially for forgetful people; it sends constant reminders, books appointments etc. If you're looking to delegate tasks quickly, Hiver's shared labels is a great way to do it without having to forward the emails. Did you know that those who work more than 10 hours per day have a 60 percent higher chance of a heart attack?

But again, if you mess up your fitness and health, your efficiency and capacity to work will be hurt in the long run. It helps you keep track of your daily fitness goals and healthcare activities like drinking water, catching sleep etc. At night, when you sit down to plan your day, plan out every single detail. The idea here is that when you plan every single detail for every single program, you have this clock ticking inside you, which keeps you on track and does not let you waste time unnecessarily.

Do is a tool that has been a favorite of many professionals. It lets you plan out your day thoroughly and also allows you to set reminders.


Plus, it works both on PC and mobile. And the last tip - you are not the most productive during a certain part of the day.

Kiss Your Long To-Do List Goodbye: 7 Ways You Can Start Working Smarter, Not Harder

Snap out of that lie! When you start planning your day, keep in mind external factors such as how productive you are at that time of the hour, is afternoon a time when your colleagues constantly come over to your desk? In fact, according to science , we are all wired differently and are most productive at different times of a day, depending on the person.

Manogna is a content marketer at Hiver. She has always been passionate about writing and marketing, and finally decided to go for it. Javascript is disabled in your browser. Some functionalities will not work properly. Please enable it. Product Use Case. For Support Teams Do great customer support, right from Gmail. Read Blog.


Contact Us. All things Email Collaboration. Please Install our extension to get started. Tips and Tools to help you work smarter, and not harder By Manogna Lekkalapudi. This enables me to dedicate my most energized, focused time on complex tasks that require deep focus, while the times that I might feel less energized or focused, can be used to take care of smaller, less demanding tasks. The top of the calendar are goals for the week: Family, My Business, Money, etc. The middle part are things that pop up that need to be fit into the week.

The bottom is time segments to schedule actions. Things do move. Seeing the days on paper help me to be realistic with what I can accomplish each day. For example, if I am sending multiple messages or emails, I complete all of the intended messages before circling back to responses that have come in during that 25 minutes.

AI is here to make you work smarter, not harder | Prolific London

At the end of 25 minutes, I take 5 minutes to stretch and re-center before moving on to my next activity. After four-to-five Pomodoros, I take a longer break say minutes. Taking breaks and spending focused time has been a game changer for my mental health and business. I set up a monthly strategy. But on a weekly basis, I define priorities for my tasks on the app Asana , to fulfill the strategy. So to avoid frustration, make sure you plan, do, review and adjust every day. Follow us here and subscribe here for all the latest news on how you can keep Thriving.

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